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Agreements and Costing Templates

The Doncaster Clinical Research team are committed to ensuring applications for Research Governance approval across all three member Trusts, are processed within 30 days of receipt of a full valid document set. This period includes all contract and costing negotiations, which are lead by the Research team. This team will liaise with all relevant Support Departments on behalf of the Study Sponsor, to ensure a single point of contact within each respective Trust.

In the interest of both consistency and transparency, the use of standard research agreements and the industry costing templates, as developed by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), is strongly encouraged, in order to ensure study initiation is as swift as possible. 

In order to facilitate discussions between the Trust and the Study Sponsor, for commercial sponsored research, Doncaster Clinical Research seeks to ensure an Institutional Confidentiality Agreement is in place as soon as possible, to ensure swift feasibility consideration of all research opportunities.

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